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My journey into UI/UX & Product Design began in January 2021. I couldn't pass on the opportunity to create stunning Intelligent Human Machine Interfaces (iHMI) for Military, Gov, and Private sector clients. The ability to incorporate Human-centered design concepts into my artwork has allowed me to understand my client's needs on a much deeper level. I approach design and leadership with a focus on people, establishing empathy for both the people who make and the people who use the products I help bring to life. My design practice combines design thinking, user research and experience strategy, all with a relentless focus on the user.

I’m currently a Senior UI/UX Designer, 2D/3D Graphic Artist, VFX Specialist at The IncLab.


Project TALACE is a Command-and-Control application built for the US Air Force. Command-and-Control access for the Mission Commander to have complete visibility of all combat units including autonomously controlled UAV's.  Cognitive Overload and SA levels for AICs to help better assist their pilots. Inflight widget for the pilot to have 3D situational awareness of enemy aircraft in the area. Realtime Comms transcribing and instructor grading access for post exercise breakdown.

Project Responsibilities - Lead UI/UX Designer, Product Promo Video Producer, and Video Editor - The IncLab/Collins Aerospace/OPL


Project FVL - The Future Vertical Lift or FVL is the helicopter of the future. Set to go into production in 2028, my role in this project was part of the team that designed the touchscreen UI as well as the AR/XR UI.  Aircraft Status, Mission Situational Awareness, Environmental, Haptics, and Goose (A.I.) Interface.  Providing a massive amount of information to the pilots with the sleek and minimal interface of a luxury car.   

Project Responsibilities - Mission Manager UI & AR/XR Canopy UI - The IncLab/John Hopkins/APL


Project C.H.A.M.P.  We have developed dynamic and adaptive interfaces for Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) co-pilots to control Air Launched Effects (ALE) during an Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) mission. Through applied experimentation, we will measure operator cognitive workload, situation awareness, and performance. The goal is to explore how to provide the right data, in the right format, at the right time for operators to achieve optimal performance when interacting with autonomous vehicles.

Project Responsibilities - Lead UI/UX Designer, Product Promo Video Producer, and Video Editor - The IncLab/Collins Aerospace/OPL


Project Samsung 5G LTE - Samsung opened up a brand-new experience center in the fall of 2022.  My role was to design a customer experience that was entertaining and familiar while also demonstrated the zero-latency power of 5G LTE.  I thought the classic claw game with an extreme upgrade would capture the essence of the future and the romanticism of nostalgia all in one place. 

Project Responsibilities - UX & Product Designer  - The IncLab/Samsung