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When asked about what I like to do in my spare time, I should answer "Go to the beach" or "Read books next to an open fire while sipping hot chocolate". But either of those answers would lies.  The true answer is that I just love to create. I can't imagine anything more fun than to take artwork that is hundreds of years old and put my own spin on it. In this collection there are NFT projects, personal projects, and commissioned pieces. 


The Empire Strikes Art is an NFT collection available on  When I decided to enter the NFT space, I wanted to do something very unique and exclusive that had great physical utility. Each NFT is 1 of 1 and is accompanied by a framed canvas that is also 1 of 1 until the owner of the NFT decides to sell.  

Check out the project here: Empire Strikes Art Collection



Halmark Wins was a commissioned piece.  This collection has a print run of 3. One was donated to auction off at the Ybor Chamber of Commerce annual benefit to raise funds to help restore historic sites in Tampa. The second copy went to the party who commissioned the artwork.  The third will remain locked in my storage locker until my death. Hopefully it won't see the light of day for many decades, but you never know.


poker face.jpg

Poker Face NFT Collection is a generative nft collection comprised of 10K variations.  The changeable attributes  include Chip color and skin, dice combo (5 of a kind, straight, full house, etc) outside suit, inside suit, and poker face expression (nervous, the nuts, happy, tilted, angry, etc)  I'm doing this project with pro poker player Doug Polk and poker's most influential personality Joey Ingram.  We are looking to start pre-sales in September 2022 and the big drop around Thanksgiving.



Dalle-2 & Mid Journey Collaboration has been an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to be selected to beta test both platforms very early on.  Shortly after both platforms changed their copyright restrictions, I struck a deal with The Cyber Wire's hit podcast 8th Layer Insights ( for a 10 episode deal to create cover art by combining my artwork and AI generated art.  The experiment has been challenging but eye opening at the same time. Only 5 episodes have been released in the season, but more are on the way. To my knowledge it was the first official deal to combine human art and AI art for entire season. 

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